Pinouts - DTP22, CA22

The Serial Interface -
The connector used is an 8 pin-male, mini-DIN. The cable itself is of a dual 'Y' design. The other tail(s) are simply used to supply power. Pinouts follow:
Pin# (8pin/DIN)  X-Rite Function  Mac Function  
1KB DataHSKo
4Signal GroundSerial Ground
ShellShield GroundShield Ground

Power -
The power is drawn from the other tail(s) of the interface. The center pin is to receive +12v DC power. The outer ring, power ground. The power supply must be capable of delivering 10 to 16 volts clean DC power with a nominal current rating of 100 milliamps. In addition the supply must be capable of supplying a maximum current of 1.3 amps (for 3 seconds while taking readings).

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