Epson Stylus 200 and the 390

Application :Epson Stylus 200
Vendor :Epson
Platform :Color Printer (Parallel)
Version :NA
Cabling :SE130-SERPAR (RJ45 to Centronics cable)
Notes :This Epson printer is a Centronics PARALLEL device. Without special cabling it would not operate with any X-Rite instrument. To interface then, it is necessary to covert the SERIAL output of the X-Rite unit into PARALLEL format. Also note that the X-Rite unit must be configured (in I/O presets) for the CANON mode of operation. If the Epson mode is selected, the printer will function but will create a graph that spans two pages.

Included in the 391S (system) package are several other cables and adaptors. If the customer is attaching the instrument to a modem and a printer then a special "Y" cable (SE108-09) used. In this case the "A" side of the "Y" is first attachd to an adaptor (381-70) and then to the SE130-SERPAR converter. The "B" side of the cable is attached to a second adaptor - 881-141. This adaptor is used only if the 391 is attached to a modem.

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