PlateQuality v2.0.2

Download: PlateQuality

Version: v2.0.2

Previous Version: v2.0.1

Release Date: 4/8/2009

File Type:PC - ZIP file

Download: PC Version


PlateQuality 2.0.2 for iCPlate2 and PlateScope*. Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Russian. For upgrades from version 1.1.3, please refer to the included document.

* Note SW requires that the PlateScope instrument be loaded with firmware version "07B29" or later.  Instrument firmware is date coded as follows:  first two characters = year, next character (1..9ABC) = month, last two characters = day.  The code "07B29" then is firmware released on November 29, 2007

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