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500 Series Firmware - Version DB26

Download: 500 Series Firmware

Version: DB26

Previous Version: C625

Release Date: 04/21/2004

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Zip

Download: PC Version

Notes: DB26 adds a "gray set" option under Density Options that allows a "black ink" that is not neutrally balanced to still pull the visual filter in auto mode, via a slider. This is a very rare condition, but allows the user to have the auto function work as desired rather than using the all function.

History: This is a minor release. It addresses an issue wherein the instrument would not select the visual filter when the customer was printing a transparent black ink over a highly yellowed substrate. This upgrade is generally not required by 99.9% of all current users. As with any upgrade, it is NOT suggested that you modify your instrument firmware unless the upgrade is mandated by measurement issues.

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