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Packaging workflows are complex, often involving multiple brand owners, design agencies, premedia professionals, and plating and ink companies, all providing input into the production workflow. This can make managing accurate color and print consistency a challenge. ColorCert simplifies color communication across all internal and external stakeholders. From prepress and the ink room to production process control, ColorCert helps you manage precise color and print specifications, uniting traditional silos of information into one common workflow. Here are the most Frequently Asked


  1. ColorcertWhat is ColorCert ?
    ColorCert is a modular statistical process and quality control solution that helps ensure the high level of color quality required in the packaging industry. Use it to specify, communicate, monitor and refine color quality throughout the entire color workflow, across the plant or around the globe. This “Print by the Numbers” workflow removes the subjectivity of visual assessment and helps operations increase efficiency to reduce waste and rework and stay competitive.

  2. Is ColorCert only a brand supply chain management tool?
    No. While the ColorCert platform is an effective method for brands to maintain the consistency of their print and packaging, ColorCert can also be used as an effective tool internally for printers to manage their own quality and process control workflows. ColorCert provides value to both brand and printer.

  3. Can printers use ColorCert in their daily process control workflow?
    Yes. ColorCert’s primary focus is on the print production workflow to clearly communicate color and print requirements to all stakeholders (Prepress -> Ink formulation -> Press Room -> Process Improvement). The use of the different desktop tools enables organizations to apply simple and easy-to-use modules focused on each step of the workflow.

  4. I am not a large printer or a part of a brand owner program; how can a scorecard server benefit me?
    The ScoreCard server allows you to track and manage your quality trends over time. This information is critical for process improvement and addressing customer rejection claims. Using data can improve the efficiency of your operation, and involving your customer in quality reporting can validate your performance. We offer two scorecard server options depending on the scope of your implementation and budget.

  5. Is ColorCert a process control tool?
    Yes. ColorCert PressRoom Tools are process control tools developed specifically for press-side process control. The ColorCert workflow enables clear communication of the exact expectations for color, dot gain, tolerances, and other print characteristics. By providing this clarity in combination with an interface that delivers clear feedback to a press operator, operators can now spend less time understanding how something should be printed and more time on setting up the press to ”Print by the Numbers.”

  6. Is ColorCert a QA Tool for statistical analysis?
    It depends. ColorCert offers many tools to simplify the analysis of traditional statistical process control data. This includes “Trend Show” in the ColorCert manager and trending and analysis related to how well print specifications were achieved in the ScoreCard Server. This data helps converters on the areas of their workflow that need improvement and track the effectiveness of their process improvements over time. If your workflow requires a granular level of analysis and specialized colorimetric formulas, we would encourage you to evaluate both IQC and ColorCert to find the correct fit for your needs.

  7. Is ColorCert only a ScoreCard / Reporting solution?
    No. ColorCert is a platform that includes a ScoreCard Server. The primary use of ColorCert is to provide effective real-time feedback to prepress, the ink room, and pressroom personnel as to how they are achieving the expectations of an individual job. ColorCert is unique in that each participant in the workflow is involved with real-time ScoreCard data built directly into the modules they are using. This enables all participants in the workflow to proactively affect the final score/quality of a job. The ScoreCard Server allows tracking and evaluation of the “Health” of the workflow and provides insight into areas that require improvement.

  8. Is ColorCert a cloud only solution?
    No. The ColorCert platform contains three primary components: Interactive Desktop Tools, ScoreCard Server, and Repository Server. The two servers are cloud-based solutions hosted by X-Rite in a highly secure environment. The Desktop Tools are client applications.

  9. What is unique about the ColorCert Scoring System?
    The ColorCert approach simply lets you create an agreed-upon specification including color standards, dot gain, and tolerances and provides one number that reflects how you complied with that specification. The ColorCert dynamic scoring algorithm is directly based on individual targets and tolerances and how well those were achieved. Other methods apply artificial weighting in different categories, meaning you shift your focus away from your targets and tolerances to achieving a score.

  10. My Company is very decentralized and does not share jobs; is the ColorCert Repository Server benefit me?
    The Repository Server is the Database component of ColorCert. It allows you to centralize all color assets and other related files into a single location. It also improves the user experience as all files are directly available within the ColorCert application and are always up to date. It removes the need for complicated folder structures for users to navigate and manage.

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