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FOCA Onsite Training

This FOCA onsite teaches you how to analyze and implement a reliable color quality program.

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Years of personal experience with the measurement and control of color related quality control issues allow our team of professional trainers to integrate themselves into your business processes. We help you analyze, set up, and implement a reliable color quality program. When we leave, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to be self-sufficient within your color workflow to increase your company’s quality productivity.

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Who Should Attend?

X-Rite encourages you to have anyone attend a training event that is responsible for color quality assurance or formulation. X-Rite will work with you on a specific agenda that will accommodate varying levels of color knowledge, specific applications or even job functions.

Why Attend?

On-site training is a popular choice for many customers to meet their business needs. If training multiple people from the same company, the on-site training option by an X-Rite Color Expert is sometimes more cost effective.

Our onsite "Fundamentals of Color and Appearance" (FOCA) program closely follows our regional seminars in design.  Your onsite differs in that each question and all breaks open the doors to question and answer sessions specific to your color control needs.

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Color Theory Training: The Numbers of Color

This course has been discontinued, please see the Fundamentals of Color and Appearance (FOCA) – Online course for our new training.



Customized Onsite Training

With Custom Onsite Training, an X-Rite Color Expert will come to your site to address your learning objectives and provide hands-on training using your equipment.

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