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Digital Finish Capture

The Digital Finish Capture service delivers consistent, reliable digital images for rendering, print, online media and other uses, taking into account color and appearance attributes.

From Physical Samples to High Quality Digital Imagery

X-Rite Pantone’s Digital Finish Capture, from the leader in the art and science of color, is a turnkey service fully managed by X-Rite. We have all necessary hardware, software and expertise to achieve the highest quality images at an affordable price with fast turnaround. Images are delivered in a variety of color-corrected formats to meet all needs. With Digital Finish Capture, we accurately render a variety of materials: fabric, leather, mesh, wood, veneer, laminates, glass, plastic, and more.

X-Rite's Color Experts come from a commercial photography background, have vast experience with digital image retouching, and benefit from X-Rite's depth of color knowledge. Most importantly, they specialize in the complete color management workflow, from display to print, ensuring each image accurately represents the original sample.


  • Obtain the most accurate representation of samples, regardless of the pattern, size, and repeat.
  • Accurately portray a variety of materials, including fabric, leather, mesh, wood, veneer, laminates, glass, plastic, and more.
  • Receive specific file formats with images at a variety of resolutions to fit size and pixel requirements.
  • Ensure consistency throughout the workflow, from rendering, to print, to web, with a variety of high-quality image types and sizes.
  • Benefit from X-Rite expertise in print, textiles, photography, and web for a custom solution to help you achieve your goals.
The Digital Finish Capture Service uses leading edge color management equipment throughout the entire digital capture workflow to provide the most accurate digital finish captures. Cameras are profiled to ensure true color is captured, spectrophotometers are used to calibrate displays for accurate viewing, and the X-Rite color editing process results in a color accurate reproduction. Each image is properly cropped and saved in the customer’s preferred file format. The process uses full spectrum lighting and a light booth that simulates daylight (D50) for viewing prints.

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