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Color Exchange Format (CxF)

Developed by X-Rite, CxF3 is an ISO standard that provides the digital industry with an accurate, efficient way to communicate color information across any supply chain.

Physically correct and accurate color communication is critical to an efficient design workflow. In our increasingly global world, digital color workflows are necessary to accurately communicate color and appearance. Developed by X-Rite and adopted as an ISO standard, Color Exchange Format (CxF) is a universal file format that ensures an accurate and efficient exchange of digital standards, measurements and metadata. The publication of this standard provides a framework for sharing digital color data at all steps in the workflow – from brand owner through to production.  

CxF is defined in a completely open way so that all aspects of a color can be communicated, even when the application and the color communication features required are unknown. For example, every software vendor implementing or supporting CxF is able to extend the information set to the needs of a new application without affecting the general usability. Wherever color communication is mission-critical, CxF should be considered the communication solution of choice.


CxF Resources


CXF3 Schema (release 3.0)

To submit CxF SDK licensing via email, download the form and submit it here.


CXF2 Schema (release 2.1)

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