Verifying the Calibration of an X-Rite 381

The 381 is self-calibrating. It automatically calibrates each time the power is turned on. Customers may choose to purchase a calibration verification strip. This film (P/N 381-25) is certified at X-Rite and individually marked with reference densities. To use the 381-25 for instrument verification proceed as follows:
Verification Procedure
  1. Insert the verification reference through the scanning densitometer in the direction indicated by the arrow at the top of the film. Refer to the owner's manual, Section 3.1, for information on inserting films.
  2. The densities measured by the instrument may be viewed on its display and compared to the values printed on the verification film.
  3. A permanent record of this data may be printed to a serial printer.
  4. The values measured by the instrument should be within +/- 0.03D or 2% (whichever is greater) or the values printed on the verification film. If this is not the case, [a] ensure that the film is not dirty or damaged. Re-measure the film. If the values consistantly exceed these limits, clean the optics as instructed in Section 5.2 of the owner's manual. If the values still do not fall within limits, contact your X-Rite field representative or the X-Rite Technical Services Department.
  5. It is suggested that the verification process be performed once a week unless more frequent verification is required by local regulations.

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