Using the PrintSafe Feature

Colors in the Photo ColorPicker or ColorMunki Design software do not show up when PrintSafe is selected.  What is the dE for this feature?

PrintSafe will hide colors that cannot be reproduced by the printing condition selected in this pop-up menu. Each print condition has a limited number of colors it can and cannot reproduced. PrintSafe ensures you can predict which colors are reproducible by a particular print condition, and which ones are not.

Colors under Harmony, Variations, and Similar are also affected by this feature. Depending on the print condition selected for PrintSafe most of the colors may still be visible, if the printing process has a larger gamut; or many of the colors will be grayed out, if the printing process has a comparatively smaller gamut.

If it appears you're missing colors, set this option to None, to view all available colors in a palette or color library.

If a color is more than 4 Delta E (2000) out of your printer’s color space, it will be grayed out.

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