Using Hyperterminal to Calibrate a DTP22

Amiable Technologies has NOT written a calibration routine for the DTP22. Customers receiving the package have NO built in method to calibrate the instrument. There is however a Workaround:

Load the Windows Terminal (HyperTerminal) program. Configure the program for the required communications port and the following RS232 settings:

Baud		=	9600
Data bits	=	8 	 
Stop bits	=	1 	 
Parity		=	None 	 
Flow Control=	None 

Also, clear check boxes for both Parity check and Carrier Detect. At the computer keyboard type the following command:

1ca	then press the enter key 

Note, you will NOT see the letters as you type... they are being sent out the RS232 port to the DTP22. Immediately after sending the "ca" (calibrate) command, press the DTP22 down into its calibration holder. Allow a couple of seconds for the unit to read its calibration reference target. Next let the DTP22 back up. You should see echoed on the CRT the characters "00 OK". Your DTP22 is now calibrated and ready for use with the Amiable Technologies software.

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