Using a Barcode Reader with the SP78

Attaching Bar Code Reader to an Instrument
Scanning a Bar Code
Part #SP78-200


The Optional SP78-200 Bar Code Reader is used to scan bar codes. When the BCR is used in conjunction with an X-Rite instrument, a scanned bar code becomes a tag for the measurement(s) taken with the instrument. When the data is uploaded into a software program (e.g., QA-Master ® ) the bar code tag(s) become sample tag(s).

Attaching The SP78-200 BCR to the Instrument:

Attach the BCR to the instrument’s I/O Port. The instrument must be operating in Storage mode before the BCR will operate.

  1. Insert the connector on the BCR into the I/O port of the instrument until it locks, usually indicated by an audible click. The connector inserts in one direction, (tab up) DO NOT FORCE. (see figure 1)
  2. Power the instrument up, "BAR CODE READER DETECTED" will appear on the instrument display if the BCR is properly attached.

To disconnect the SP78-200 BCR:
Depress the tab on the connector and remove the connector from the instrument.

Scanning a Barcode:

  1. Turn on the X-Rite instrument. Be sure the instrument is in the Storage mode and the BCR is attached to the unit..
  2. Hold the BCR in your hand as you would a pencil. The BCR works best when tilted from 10° to 30°, although any angle from 5° to 45° will work. (see figure 2)
  3. Place the tip of the BCR on the white space to the left or right of the bar code. Drag the BCR smoothly and lightly across the bar code. Do not lift the tip of the BCR from the surface of the bar code. (see figure 3)
  4. The instrument will display the title of the bar code if the scan was successful. If the display appears blank try scanning the bar code again. If after several scanning attempts the display still appears blank, see Troubleshooting.



Does the SP78-200 BCR have power?

  • A red light will be visible at the tip of the BCR if it has power.
  • Check the connection between the BCR and the instrument. Be sure the connector is correctly inserted.
  • Check the power supply for the instrument. Refer to the instrument User's Manual, Troubleshooting section if the instrument does not have power

Is the SP78-200 BCR configuration correct?

To restore the factory default mode:
  • Disconnect the BCR from the instrument.
  • Reconnect the BCR to the instrument.
  • Scan the default configuration bar codes shown in your SP78-200 Bar Code Reader Instruction Sheet (P/N SP78-510).

Does the SP78-200 BCR wavelength of light match the bar code?

  • The BCR will not read bar codes that are black on black.

Is the SP78-200 BCR being held at the correct angle?

  • The BCR will operate when held at an angle of 5° to 45°. The optimum operating angle is from 10° to 30°.

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