Statistical Measurement Control (SMC) - MA68II

Statistical Measurement Control (SMC) is a method of performing a statistical analysis of several measurements to determine the quality of the measurements and/or sample, before an average value is calculated. The calculation includes a test for outliers, a stability test of the average values, and an overall "grade" that indicates the quality of the averaged measurements. These tests are performed automatically in the SMC mode and are transparent to the user.

SMC requires a minimum of 5 measurements taken at various locations on the sample. A statistical analysis of the measurements' mean and standard deviations eliminates outliers and determines the variability of the measurements. Additional measurements may be required until a minimum of 5 outlier-free measurements are achieved, or the sample is determined too variable.

There are 2 settings which control the SMC method

SMC Read Limit - The Read Limit function is the number of measurements allowed in SMC before the sample is determined too variable for providing useful data. The Read Limit can be set from 5 - 50 measurements. The factory default setting is 12 measurements.

SMC Grade Limit - The Grade Limit function is used to set the quality limit for the SMC function. Use Grade Limit to alter the number measurements required in SMC. Increasing the Grade Limit value loosens the SMC requirements. Decreasing the Grade Limit value tightens the SMC requirements. The Grade Limit can be set from 5.00 - 50.00. The factory default setting is 5.00, which is a good value for typical metallic finishes.

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