Restoring a Backup File for VeriColor Solo and Hub

When the user creates a project using VCS, a project file gets created on disk.  A backup of that file is not made unless the project changes on the sensor.  In other words, the user would have to change something on the sensor for that project, and the next time he runs VCS with that sensor connected, VCS would notice the difference.  It would take the copy of the project and make a backup, and then create a new project on disk that matches what’s on the sensor.  That way the project on the sensor always matches what’s on the computer.This method ensures synchronicity between the project in the sensor and the corresponding local project as stored in the database. This is done with preference for the sensor project: If there is a corresponding project in the database that differs from the project in the sensor, it is backed up and the original is overwritten with project data from the sensor.  If the sensor has a project that doesn't exist locally at all, a new corresponding project is generated based on data from the sensor.  If the sensor has no project at all, it gets a copy of the Default Project loaded into it (Default Project is created on demand.)
So, it’s still possible that the backup will be “correct” assuming the project got corrupted somehow on the sensor itself.
Restoring a “Backup” file:
1)   Navigate to the backup file in the root directory of VeriColor Solo (C:\Program Files\VeriColorSolo\Projects\”project name BACKUP.xml” and verify the existence of this file
2)   Delete the active file “project name.xml.
3)   Rename the backup file by removing “Backup” from the filename, and clear the sensor of the current project (when VCS runs the next time, it should put the project back on the sensor).
4)   If all else fails, recreate the project.

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