Resetting an SP88, SP98 Series Instrument

Under some conditions it becomes necessary to reset the microprocessor/memory in an X-Rite sphere spectrophotometer. To return the instrument to all factory defaults proceed as follows:

WARNING!: The following will clear all data and/or standards stored in instrument!

    1. Remove external power from the unit.
    2. Make sure a charged battery is in the unit and the power is turned off.
    3. As seen below...Press and hold keys 1, 2, and 4 simultaneously, then press the on/off switch.
Make sure the unit is not held down during this procedure!

A valid reset will begin "Diagnostic Testing-Testing Ram Page 1-9 then A-F" as illustrated:

When "Diagnostic Testing" is finished the unit will display:

"Continue Diagnostics" by pressing the key below "cont".

The instrument will now display:

When "Diagnostic Testing - Testing Rom" is finished the unit will display:

The unit is now returned to factory defaults.
Immediately following this procedure you must continue by calibrating the spectrophotometer before measurements may be taken (see Related Support).

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