Reporting an issue on profile generation to X-Rite Technical Support

Reporting an issue on profile generation to X-Rite support

It is possible to encounter a situation where your profiling results are either unexpected, or unsatisfactory. In many cases, we get a support incident created on our website that doesn't give much more detail than "My profile was bad, and how can I fix it?"

Obviously there are a number of possible causes for this, so you can help us to help you by reviewing the suggested information below, and including as much detail as possible on your computer configuration and profiling workflow.

To analyze issues, you might have with creating ICC output profiles or with the resulting profile quality, the X-Rite application support team will ask you to provide the following information and data:

The X-Rite application engineers can re-load your ICC profiles or workflow data and review all used settings, chart and measurement data.

*When saving the ICC profile, please make sure that the option Include CXF Data is activated. This ensures, that all information can be reloaded.

**To save the workflow data in i1Profiler, please follow these steps:

Please send your data including all information requested above via e-mail to your X-Rite application support team (EU, Asia:, USA: The X-Rite application team will review your data and provide instructions for a resolution.

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