References...Creation in the 391

MQSA and ACR have determined that there are times that warrant the establishment of new references. Some examples might be: installing a new processor or changing out a sensitometer or densitometer.

Create new references by following these steps:

  1. Expose and process 5 new control strips. These should have been prepared each day for five days.
  2. Select the channel normally used for daily processing.
  3. Select [p1] to go to [p2] and then select [ref].
  4. Press first button that is under [new].
  5. "READ REF STRIP #1" will be displayed. Insert and read the first control strip.
  6. When prompted to read the remaining four old strips, insert the strips.
  7. "RECORD TEMP" will display after the last strip is read. Select the up or down arrows to set the correct temperature for the processor. Press [go] to view the new references.
  8. Press both [MENU] buttons to return to the "MAIN MENU" for measuring.

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