Profile Reminder is Prompting Earlier then Expected

The monitor reminder is prompted the user before the expected timeframe.

If the profile reminder is coming up earlier than scheduled, try the following steps to correct the problem.

·         Make sure that the date set on your computer is correct
·         On a PC, check the video card and monitor manufacturers' websites to confirm that you have the most current drivers installed and update if necessary.
·         On a Mac run Software Update to ensure the operating system has all the necessary updates
·         Confirm the correct display profile set as the default system profile.
The reminder messages are prompted by data that is saved into the registry on a PC and preferences on a Mac when the profile is created. For example, there is 1-registration\plist file showing the date and name of the profile that was created last and another file showing the reminder time frame. These 2 files together than do a countdown on the computer to when it should give out the message to re-profile the monitor. That said, if the system isn't recognizing the correct profile as the default working profile that may be what is affecting this OR it may also have incorrect registration values keyed. 

On a Mac verify which profile is being used as the default by going to Apple > System Preferences > Displays > Color and make sure that the one highlighted is in fact the profile created with the X-Rite application.
On a PC, go into Control Panel > Color Management and see which file is being used by the operating system by selecting the Display and ensuring the one in the devices shows “Default” listed by the name.  The following link is a good example of how to properly have the Color Management settings appear to help avoid issues of the profile unloading on the Windows platforms: 

This feature can be temporarily disabled by clicking on the ColorMunki Tray icon either on the tool bar of the Mac or the bottom right-hand side of the screen on a PC and choosing “Hide message windows” or “Hide re-profiling messages” depending on which application you are using.  To turn it off permanently you must re-profile the monitor and then deselect the Reminder option before saving.

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