Power supplies which one?

What power supply adapter is needed for an 890 series instrument?Power Supply Adapters: Which One Do They Need for an 890 or 891?

  Most, if not all, of our current scanning densitometers use a different power supply than they used to. The current power adapter is a switching a/c adapter that can be used for either 110 or 220 volts a/c. Since there is a crossover point for some models, the way that we distinguish between them is that we add a "U" to the model number for those units using the current power supply, i.e. 890U as opposed to 890. Ask the customer to look at the bottom of their unit. The model and serial number are both on the same little silver sticker, (at least the newer serial numbers).

If there is a "U" as part of the model number, then they will need this part number:  SE-277 (power supply) and SD33-07 (120v line cord); they might need both if they misplaced their line cord.

Instruments produced before the "Universal" version used a straight pin power supply (SE30-61 for 120vac and the SE30-62 for 220vac.  These adapters are no longer available.  You would need to use the Universal power supply and an adapter SE108-95-01 to accept it.

          Older 880, 881 & 882 units would now use the universal power supply plus the adapter.


Starting Serial numbers for Universal models.

Model S/N Model S/N

890U 2350           891U 4342

890UX 2660         891UX 4264

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