Pantone Metallics vs Premium Metallics

Customer is looking for difference in Pantone Metallics guide and Pantone Premium Metallics guide.PANTONE Metallics guides were created in the mid-1980's.  The colors are formulated using seven basic metallic inks which contain metal flake, which leafs to the surface as the ink dries to create the metallic effect.  This 'leafing characteristic' can vary from job to job, leading to inconsistencies in the final printed result.  Further, the metallic colors also use certain of the PANTONE Basic Colors which are chemically incompatible with UV coatings, and it is common to use coatings to improve the lasting power of the printed matter.

PANTONE Premium Metallics addresses both of these issues.  The colors are formulated using a specialized non-leafing silver that will have greater brilliance and last longer due to use of pigments with small metallic particles fully suspended within the body of the ink, eliminating inconsistencies of luster that can occur with conventional inks due to the 'leafing' of the metallic flake to the surface as the ink dries.  The basic inks used are fully UV-compatible. 

PANTONE Metallics and PANTONE Premium Metallics colors are unique and are not intended to be interchangeable.

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