PANTONE libraries - How to update the SpectroEye with color libraries

These libraries are free of charge after product registration and may be downloaded to all SpectroEye devices. After registering your SpectroEye device from our Product Registration website,  you will receive your Password Code via email. This may take up to 48 business hours, if you do not receive the code please contact Once you have received the password code you will find instructions on how to input into your SpectroEye in the user's manual for the device. On the device [Main Menu] - [Settings] - [General] - [New Functions] then insert password.

X-Rite recommends upgrading at the same time to the latest SpectroEye firmware version. For updating the firmware and the color libraries, you need the Download Utility Software version 1.52 or higher. The device default interface baud rate setting is 9600 - see the SpectroEye Color Libraries Update Instructions pdf document included in the library download for detailed step-by-step instructions on the update process.


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