Pantone Individual Sample Request

Customer is looking for individual paper sample of Pantone color rather than full guide.PANTONE colors can be purchased in the form of replacement pages from PANTONE SOLID CHIPS or PANTONE FASHION HOME + INTERIORS Color Specifier.  Pages have seven individual PANTONE colors with six tear-off chips of each color.

To purchase the replacement page:

1.    Visit and search the desired PANTONE color.
2.    Click on the color swatch that corresponds to the color you are looking for.
3.    Locate the replacement page category on the resulting page, and click the ‘add to cart’ button above the replacement page.
4.    The appropriate page will automatically be added to your cart.
5.    Repeat the above steps for each color that you need, if you need more than one color.
6.    Checkout when you are finished.

Please note: the system will automatically set the quantity as 1 – you can adjust this during checkout if desired.

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