Pantone Guides With Suffix Of PC or EC

Customers may have Pantone guides with suffix of PC or EC and these are discontinued.Prior to 2010, Pantone did produce two versions of the PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE guides, in which the CMYK simulation values were produced by different print workflows.  The North American version used SWOP (Standard for Web Offset Publication) while the Euro version used Euro process (formerly referred to as Euroscale).  As a result, the CMYK simulation data varied between the two guides, as did the color suffix.  The North American version used the suffix of PC, i.e., PANTONE 185 PC (process simulation, coated paper) whereas the Euro version used EC (Euro process, coated paper).
With the May 2010 launch of the PANTONE PLUS SERIES, the PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE product was completely re-engineered.  The Euro version was discontinued, and the product was produced using CMYK simulation data derived from use of a globally-compatible, G7-based workflow.  The idea was to standardize the CMYK simulation data for PANTONE colors using data that could be applied anywhere that printing is produced.  This is particularly advantageous to those organizations who produce global content.  Current PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE guides will use a suffix of CP (Coated Process) or UP (Uncoated Process) for all CMYK simulations, example being PANTONE 185 CP.

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