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Pantone CMYK Values Not Matching CMYK Values Of Pantone Colors Found in Adobe Programs

Customer will notice Pantone's published CMYK values will differ from CMYK values found in Adobe programsPantone publishes explicit CMYK conversions which are consistent with the CMYK data published in the Pantone Color Bridge guides, Pantone Color Manager software and found on Pantone's website. The most current libraries are provided in Pantone Color Manager software and can be exported to the Adobe applications in CMYK color space. Pantone Color Manager is a free download with registration of qualifying Pantone products.

In the Adobe applications, if you pull up a Solid Pantone color and ‘convert’ it to CMYK, you will achieve converted data based on the color setting and algorithms used by the Adobe software. This data will differ from the explicit data provided in the Pantone Color Bridge guides and accompanying digital libraries.

If your intention is to output CMYK separations which are consistent with Pantone's explicit values, you should be selecting your colors from the Pantone Color Bridge libraries, as opposed to selecting colors from the Solid Color libraries and converting to CMYK.

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