NetProfiler license not renewing after it was updated in server

In some cases a NetProliler license will not renew itself even after it is renewed on our server. This is due to permissions on local PC. Files are held in some locations that are inaccessible depending on the customer's network security settings. This can be resolved by having a Full Administrator to the PC log on and execute the instructions for resolution.  



NP license not renewing.

In certain cases a renew NetProfiler license will not show as updated even after it has been manually updated on the server. This is usually due to a lack of administrative permissions on the local PC. In these instances please follow the steps below.

 Have an administrator sign onto the PC. They should try to run the program and see if the files update automatically. The files may update automatically once they have done this.

 If they are still getting the expired message then they should close the program and search the PC for files that contain the extensions .xpr and .tsl. Sometimes these files can exist in hidden locations so it is important it is done by an admin.

 Below are some of the possible locations. Delete these files for all users that may have run the program and re-launch the NetProlifer program. This will cause the program to go to the server and update the files itself. This should resolve the issue.

Local copies of expiration, calibration and tolerance data


*application path*\Data

Delete all local copies of .xpr and.tsl from

C:\Users\***User Name***\AppData\Local\Temp


C:\***path to NetProfiler3.exe***\Data

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