How to program the communication settings in an 890/891

The  measurements from the 890 or 891 isn't transmitting to the software or printer.

The 890 series instruments can be programed for many different applications
but it must be set up first.


There are some "presets" for known set-ups for quick programing.

Settings can also be set individually.  Here is the procedure you would follow.


  1. Press the two right-hand keys to ensure that the unit is at the CHANNEL MENU.
  2. Using the first (left-hand) key, drill down from 'p1' until you reach the menu page where 'edit' is displayed.
  3. Choose 'edit' and then choose 'cnfg'.
  4. Again drill down from 'p1' until you see the prompt 'Iopreset'.
  5. Repeatedly press the second key (where Iopreset was displayed) until you see the option needed.  
  6. Press the 'load' key. In a couple of seconds the word 'SAVE' will appear above the first two keys.
  7. Press both keys (1 & 2) at the same time to save your selection.
Manual settings will require knowledge of the settings called for by the software or printer manufacturer

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