How do I set up automated measurements with my Spectroscan?

First, attach the positioning device to the front of your Spectrolino. Then, place the Spectrolino on your Spectroscan table by sliding it onto the tab until it locks into place. Mount the white calibration reference into the slot on the Spectroscan.

Position your testchart so that it fits within the white or black electrostatic surface of your table. Your testchart must fit within this area, so you may notice that Tabloid and A3 paper sizes are not available when you print your testchart.

Press the Pap.hold key to activate the electrostatic mat. If your substrate is thick or has a lot of curl, you may need to tack down the corners to keep it in position. Keep in mind that the maximum thickness that the Spectroscan can measure is 1.5 mm.

Initiate the measurement sequence in your software. The software should ask you to mark the upper left, lower left, and lower right corners of the testchart. Use the cursor keys on the front of the Spectroscan to move the Spectrolino into position. Check your postion by using the Up/Down key to lower the aperture onto the testchart. Once you have your postion, press the Enter key on the front of the Spectroscan to record the coordinates.

After your last coordinate, the Spectroscan will automatically move into position to perform a calibration and then begin reading your chart.

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