Eye-One Match Crashes While Calibrating Apple Cinema 30

If you have previously calibrated another monitor via the PBC (Push Button Calibration) option, the Eye-One Match software may crash when attempting to identify the PBC capability of a second monitor. There is a workaround: - Close Eye-One Match. - Open the Apple harddrive and navigate to the folder containing Eye-One Match software. - Locate the Eye-One Match program icon. - Press 'CRTL' and then click on the icon. - Select 'Show Package Content'. - Navigate to 'Contents / MacOS'. - Double-Click to 'Config'. - Delete the Line 'NoMonitorCalibration=Apple Cinema Display,Apple Cinema HD Display,Apple Studio Display,Cinema Display,Cinema HD'. - Add the line 'SkipSoftDDC=1'. - Close all windows, start Eye-One Match and try again. Note: Adding the line 'SkipSoftDDC=1' switches off the PBC calibration option in Eye-One Match. If you wish to re-enable this feature, simply delete this line from the config file. Deleting the Apple Monitors in the Config file enables the RGB White Point Adjustment in Eye-One Match. On some Apple monitors it is not possible to adjust this parameter. If so with your hardware, simply skip this step in the process.

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