Error - "Invalid Reading" on High-Density film

More and more users are migrating to high contrast films that are capable of reaching densities that exceed our stated maximum of 4.50D. This can result in a rather generic "Invalid reading" error.

X-Rite's scanning densitometers, models 390 and 391, are able to consistently and reliably measure films with a D-Max of 4.50D optical density.  Note however, that recent developments in film technology have resulted in photographic media that may exceed 5.00D.  X-Rite's scanning densitometers may or may not be able to measure these extremely high-contrast materials.  X-Rite's Engineering Team has developed a product line enhancement for these densitometers that will allow users to read high-density film without repeated "Invalid Reading" errors.  For more information on this product enhancement, select the Additional Information on the bottom of this page.

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