Epson Stylus "Photo" 750 and the 390

Application :Epson Stylus "Photo" 750
Vendor :Epson
Platform :Parallel Printer
Version :NA
Cabling :SE130-SERPAR (RJ45 to Centronics cable)
Notes :This Epson printer is a PARALLEL device! A serial to parallel converter must be used! The above cable satisfies this requirement. Note that the "SERPAR" converter operates at a fixed baud rate of 9,600!

If your densitometer has a "Stylus" I/O preset, select it now. If "Stylus" is not an option use the "CANON1" setting. There is nothing to configure on the printer! It will operate correctly (out-of-the-box).

In the event the printer becomes misconfigured, the following steps will reset the device to factory (out of the box) conditions:

  • Turn printer off.
  • Press and HOLD both the "Load/Eject" and the "Cleaning" buttons.
  • WHILE holding these two buttons, turn the power back on - - continue to hold!
  • Count slowly to five (5 seconds).
  • Release the two buttons and then press and HOLD just the "Load/Eject" button alone.
  • Continue to hold "Load/Eject" until the printer lights flash and then release.

The printer is now returned to factory default settings.

Note: In December of 2000 it was found that several of the serial to parallel cables had been incorrectly wired. This is evidenced by a "Check Printer" warning on the densitometer. These cables will still function but enabling communications requires a single change in the densitometer. After saving either "Stylus" or "CANON1", return to the configuration page and using Custom Presets, change "PIN5" to "BUSY". (12/22/2000 jgm)

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