Difficulty connecting i1Pro in DensityChecker 3.0

Follow the steps below if your i1Pro is connected to your computer but is showing as disconnected in DensityChecker

Open the Services application by right-clicking on My Computerand choosing Manage. The Computer Management window will open. Expand Services and Applications and choose Services.

X-Rite Device Manager and X-Rite Device i1Pro listed as services.(If you are missing one or both of these services, uninstall and then reintsall DensityChecker 3.0 from your installation disk.)

Make sure both services are showing as "Started" and the startup type is Automatic. If they are not started then right-click on the service and choose Restart.

Next, go to Control Panel in the Start menu. Choose X-Rite Device Service. (In Windows Vista or Windows 7 this option may be located under View 32-Bit Control Panel Items

The device status for the i1Pro should be checked to "On".If you select the i1Pro, you will see the Device Status, Serial number, Calibrated and Connected information. If you see all dashes your device is not connecting properly

If Device Status is off, click the Start button. If Connected is Off and the device is connected to the computer, disconnect the device from your computer. With the device disconnected from the computer click on the Stop button, then click on the Start button and reconnect the device. If the device is still not connected follow the instructions below to reinstall your USB device driver.

Go back to Start > My Computer, right-click and choose Manage. Select Device Manager under System Tools.

The i1Pro should be listed under X-Rite Devices. If you do not see it, look for GretagMacbeth or Unknown Device with an exclamation point or question mark beside it.

Right-click the i1Pro and select "Update Driver Software".Allow the operating system to search for the driver automatically. Follow the instructions in the Found New Hardware wizard to complete your installation.

Restart DensityChecker. It should now show the i1Pro as connected in the bottom of the application window.

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