Density Special Filter Functions - SpectroEye

Q - How are the density spectrum and special filter functions used in the SpectroEye?

A - The SpectroEye is a full spectrophotometer, meaning it measures the entire spectrum. Once a sample has been measured, the spectral data of that sample can be used to show different measurement parameters such as L.A.B., density or most any other colorimetric or densitometric parameter.

Two of the functions that seem to be under-used by most operators are the density spectrum function and the special filter function in the density mode. The density mode can be set to use one of the following filter selection criteria:

Automatic (the most predominant filter is selected)

If “Automatic” is selected, the most predominant filter response will be chosen automatically by the instrument. If the measured values are close enough to each other, the sample will be deemed a “neutral” tone and the instrument will use the Visual response. If any of the individual colors are chosen, the instrument will ONLY use that filter response for the measured data. For instance, if a Cyan sample be measured and the Yellow filter channel chosen in the instrument, the instrument will display the value for Yellow. To see the Cyan filter, the user would need to scroll down to the “Density filter” tool bar button and access it, choosing the appropriate filter.

To use the “Special” filter option:

Choose it using the “Density filter” tool bar button on the display. Highlight “Reference” on the display and measure the reference sample. The display will show the density value for the Reference at its peak wavelength. If another reference is measured at a later time, the original reference data will be purged from the instrument for this special filter mode.

After the reference measurement is made, the instrument will automatically switch to “Sample”. Any number of sample measurements can be made with the instrument showing both the density value for the sample and the peak wavelength being used for the measured value.

It will now be simple to measure spot colors with a densitometer and not confuse the measured values with any other samples measured. Only one reference at a time can be established for the special filter function of the density mode.

For further instructions on the use of this function, please refer to the operator’s manual.

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