Corob Interface Notes - Setting Colorant Ids

To enable communications between the MatchRite ColorDesigner software and the Corob paint dispenser requires that the Corob 'know' the identification scheme used to select colorants.  This can differ by database type.  The installer may quickly determine this data by doing the following:

Below are listed a pair of examples. Note that ALL databases on a single interfaced ColorDesigner system MUST use the same scheme.  If this is not the case, the Corob dispenser will not be able to determine which colorant to use.  Again, as mentioned above, the scheme used for labeling is database dependent.  In effect it is pre-determined by the manufacturer of the colorants.  A customer may order databases from a large multi-manufacturer palette of available options.  Thus it is possible that a single installation make include databases which adopt more than a single scheme.

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