ColorChecker Passport Plug-In fails to launch in Lightroom

Installed ColorChecker Passport V 1.0.2 on a Windows 7 64 bit computer with Lightroom 3. When I try to export a DNG profile in Adobe Lightroom a message appears that the ColorChecker Passport software could not be started. 

This symptom very rarely occurs on Windows systems which are set to a Mediteran or Eastern European language like FR, CZ, PL. The error is caused by the fact that some Plug-In files could not be found. This error can appear when the name of the current User Account in which the Plug-In is installed, contains special text signs such as `´ ˆŠ and others. Mediteran or Eastern European languages contain a couple of those special signs.

To solve this issue, create a new user account, use a name without special signs. Then set up the whole directory:

Then start Lightroom and reload the ColorChecker Passport Plug-In from the new user account.

To find instructions on how to load the ColorChecker Passport Plug-In manually in Lightroom (3), please visit this link:

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