Color Channels are Clipped when Creating DNG Profile

If you see this error when creating your DNG profile, 'the application has detected that one or more color channels are clipped. This is most likely due to overexposure in the image. A profile cannot be built from this image," the problem is most likely one of two things.

First make sure that none of the patches on your ColorChecker Passport have become damaged. If you see a smear, streak, or scratch across a patch, the software may detect that as an unexpected result and error out. Click here for more information on caring for your Passport.

Once you have elminated a hardware problem, the issue could be overexposure or oversaturation when capturing your images. Ideally, use the exposure patches on the Passport Creative Enhancement Card to ensure that you are getting your desired exposure in capture. Once you have finished capturing, you can also use the exposure patches and spectrum patches to correct a small error in your imaging editing softare.

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