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Cleaning Your NetProfiler Tile Set

NetProfiler may fail to generate a profile due to a dirty tile(s).

To thoroughly clean your NetProfiler tiles follow the procedure below

1) Lightly moisten a lens tissue with distilled water. Make sure the lens tissue does not contain any additives. For more stubborn contamination isopropyl alcohol may be substituted.

2) Starting at the center of the tile, proceeding to the edge of the tile in a circular motion, gently remove any and all contamination. This process can be repeated until all visible contamination has been removed. Make sure to handle tiles by their edges as not to introduce figner oil to the tiles.

3) Finish by repeating step two above with a dry lens tissue . This step is to remove any "streaking" that result from the above steps.

4) Inspect tile for excellence of surface cleanliness. Repeat the above steps if necessary. If the tile can not be cleaned it must be replaced

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