Cleaning the Capsure

Cleaning the Capsure

The instrument should be stored with the calibration slider in the closed position when not in use.

Warning: Do not immerse the instrument in liquid, and do not use anything other tha a water dampened cloth for cleaning the exterior.

The measurement optics and calibration plaque should be kept clean from dist and dirt for the highest level of accuracy.


Cleaning the Optics

The optics are recessed and therefore protected for dirt during normal usage. However, if the optics do require cleaning, follow the procedure below.

IMPORTANT: If canned air is used for cleaning, do not invert or tilt the can during use. This could cause damage to the optics.

  1. Carefully place your thumb over the optics and rotate the aperture 45° counterclockwize.

    CAPSURE Cleaning 1
  2. Remove the aperture from the optics and set aside.

    CAPSURE Cleaning 2
  3. Blow short bursts of clean, dry air into the optics port. This shoud remove any accumulated debris from the optics.

    CAPSURE Cleaning 3
  4. Reposition the aperture over the optics housing and trun 45° clockwise to lock into place.

Cleaning the Calibration Reference

The calibratiion tile is embedded in the underside of the white reference slider.

  1. Open the reference slider to a halfway position.

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