Calibration Verification of the 390 & 391

Customers need to know how to verify that their 390/391 is reading properly

All X-Rite 390 or 391 densitometers ship with a "Calibration Verification Reference" (Part No.: 381-25) that is a 21-step film is designed to be read by the densitometer and then stated values on the reference can be compared to the measured value for the same step.  It is important to note here that the instrument can not be manually adjusted by the user, rather this is simply designed to VERIFY calibration.  If the measured value varies more than the acceptable range as stated on the "Certificate of Calibration", contact X-Rite Customer Support.  

To perform a Calibration Verification -

  1. Select "P1" from the "Main Menu" to enter "P2".
  2. Select "setup" > "P1" > "P2" > and then "cal".
  3. Select "read" and then feed the "Calibration Verification Reference" thru with the proper side up.
  4. In the resulting "View Calibration" window, select the second button from the left to scroll up and the third button to scroll down to the view the density at the desired step. 
  5. Compare the measured values to the accepted values printed on the reference.
  6. Select "Exit" to return to the "Main Menu".

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