Calibration Recertification of Sensitometers

Can a user recalibrate a sensitometer?

What is involved?
Calibration/Recertification Sensitometers

X-Rite sensitometers are not able to be calibrated in the field.  For that reason, the sensitometer will need to be sent to X-Rite for its annual recertification (factory calibration). 

X-Rite sensitometers are calibrated at exposure setting “3” at the factory. The exposure of Step 11 is adjusted to match factory standard instruments maintained by X-Rite.

A certificate of calibration is provided with each instrument, along with a calibration sticker that is initialed and dated by the Quality Assurance Inspector. Because calibration requires a master instrument for comparison, sensitometers do not have user accessible calibration adjustments. X-Rite offers a recertification program to verify sensitometer calibration. Recertification is recommended every 12 months and can be arranged through X-Rite’s Customer Success Department.

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