Calibrating the X-Rite 811

The X-Rite 811 is a fully digital instrument. Even so, it requires periodic calibration to compensate for the aging of its electronic components, especially the lamp. As the 811 is both a reflection and a dual-mode transmission instrument there are three individual calibrations that must be performed. The 811 also has an interesting quirk; the TRANSMISSION sections of the electronics MUST be calibrated before the reflection section. With a new 811 you will have received two calibration materials - a reflection plaque (PN 302-12) and a transmission film (PN 810-68). These are laboratory certified materials. They should be cared for and replaced every 18 months. An expiration date is printed on both the media and on their protective envelopes. To calibrate apply power to the densitometer; wait until its self test is concluded:


Calibrating the Transmission optics


Calibrating the Reflection optics


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