Calibrating Density Standards in the SpectroEye

For normal usage, a spectrophotometer does not need to be calibrated on a Density Calibration card.

For special needs, where it is needed to adapt a spectrophotometer to a densitometer (for instance, "in house standards"), the SpectroEye has the capability to calibrate it.

To activate the capability to calibrate:
1. Select “Settings > User defined > Function access > Toolbar buttons > Buttons.”
2. Activate “Density calibration” and click “Accept data.”
3. Go back to the main menu and select “Single measurement.”
4. Select the measurement function “Density.” You will see the “Density calibration” button in the toolbar. Select this tool, and you can check the calibration or create a new one

Note: GretagMacbeth suggests to calibrate the densitometer and not a spectrophotometer.

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