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Battery Charging and power related information

What is the battery charging procedure for the 331 and 341?Battery Charging and Power Related Isues 331/341

The older 331/341 Densitometers are designed to operate from its internal batteries or from the battery eliminator (AC Power). As an added feature, the unit will operate on the battery eliminator with the batteries removed.
***Some earlier units, that have not been updated, may not allow AC only power.

To apply AC power, plug in the Battery Eliminator and slide the power switch on the bottom to the "ON" position. The top On/Off button is for turning the display on or off.

Battery Operation:

When the batteries are nearly discharged, a small arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the display appears as an indication that the batteries are in need of recharging. When the arrow appears on the display, the read lamp is disabled. If the arrow displays during a measurement, the data for that measurement will be incorrect. The batteries must be immediately recharged once the arrow indicator is displayed. The densitometer will not operate at all if the batteries have completely lost their charge, until the battery eliminator is plugged in.

Battery Charging:


Before charging: Make sure the voltage indicated on the battery eliminator complies with the AC line voltage in your area.

  1. Turn the power “off “ on the bottom of the unit

  2. Plug small connector end of the charger into side of unit

  3. Plug line cord end of charger in to AC wall outlet

  4. Unit should be fully charged in 14 hours.

Note: If your unit has not been used for several weeks recharge for approximately 24 hours. A fully charged set of batteries provides approximately 600-700 measurements typical. Turn the power off (on bottom of unit) when the densitometer is not being used, to help preserve battery charge.


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