Backing up a database with X-RiteColor Master

When performing a backup with X-RiteColor Master v7 - v7.1.2, if the user does not select the database to be backed up, the entire program directory and all sub directories will be backed up. This leads to extremely large backup files. If the user attempts to use the Restore Database function with this type of backup file, it will not work correctly. In X-RiteColor Master v7.5 - v8.6 you will be be able to backup the database without selecting the database. The steps below outline the proper method for performing a back-up of an X-RiteColor Master database.


1. In the X-RiteColor Master program, click on file, Backup Database.
2. Click on the Link for Backup Database.


3. From the list of available databases, click on the name of the database to be backed up and then click on Select.


4. Click on Backup Destination, and select the location where the backup file will be saved.



5. Click on Start and the backup file will be created.

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