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To manufacture high quality color, you must use the right tools and follow consistent procedures. The continuum of color maturity starts with visual evaluation and advances to an end-to-end solution that includes a light booth, a color measurement device, and software.

No matter where you fall on the color maturity continuum today, this free webinar will teach you how to take the next step.

  • Adding controlled lighting can improve visual evaluation.
  • Incorporating a spectrophotometer can increase color accuracy.
  • Integrating formulation and quality control software can improve consistency.
  • Recent advances in color evaluation technology make it easier than ever to manage and achieve color expectations. 
  • Upgrading to the latest generation of benchtop spectrophotometers can increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Watch now and learn how you can move up the color maturity continuum to deploy more efficient and consistent color management processes. 

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