eXact Manager v1.5.3418

Download: eXact™ Manager for MAC and PC

Version: 1.5 (Build 3418)

Previous Version: v1.5 (Build 3384)

Release Date: 11/02/2017

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Executable, MAC - Mac Disk Image

Download: PC Version   Mac Version

Notes: Software to run and set several configuration options in the eXact instrument, such as: View and edit all configuration settings, Backup/Restore configuration settings, review instrument condition and run diagnostics, update instrument firmware, color libraries, process tools and more.

This update contains bug fixes, including:

  • Fixes issues with TV values, upon copying Job Templates and upon CxF Import
  • Fixes an issue with User Profiles
  • Fixes an issue when upgrading from older versions
  • Other bug fixes

X-Rite recommends to use firmware version 2.5 or later with this update.

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