Color Matching Tools for Fast Retail Paint Formulation

In the retail paint industry, long-term success is determined by the accuracy of color matches and speed of formulation to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction. X-Rite’s color measurement and retail merchandising solutions help independent paint and hardware stores, mass merchants, and home improvement stores match a wide range of unique customer samples to boost sales, efficiency and profits and keep customers coming back for more.

Learn how to measure difficult samples with ease.


Color Matching Solutions for Retail Paint

MetaVue™, a breakthrough non-contact imaging spectrophotometer for retail paint matching, introduces a new level of accuracy to a wider variety of customer samples.

ColorDesigner PLUS color matching software is customer- and retailer-friendly, producing expert results in a flexible, adaptable workflow that can be configured for individual needs.

i1 Paint is a cost-effective and easy-to-use handheld spectrophotometer that enables retail paint associates to color match common samples, including fan deck cards and painted items.

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