Trouble Printing Screens - All Master Series Software

Even if the user has properly installed an appropriate print driver via the Windows Control Panel, this problem may still remain. As odd as it may seem, the workaround is generally to select a different VIDEO driver. It seems that a number of video drivers do not handle 32K and/or 64K color maps. When called by the print driver, they send garbage and the printer behaves in mysterious fashion. This is a "Windows-wide" problem and not just seen in our applications (it is however evidenced in our software as we use a Non-Windows palette). To enable the "Visual Color" feature, a driver with at least 256 colors must be selected. The Windows Super VGA 640x480x256 color driver (Windows v3.1 & v3.11) is generally a good choice. Special video cards may require some experimentation to select a compatible driver. Available drivers are listed and selected via the Windows 'System Setup' option.

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