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Model # judgeqc

Judge QC

For Entry Level Visual Assessment

  • Offers 5 light sources including optional LED for visual assessment
  • Built to last with industrial construction
  • Provides economical color evaluation for a global supply chain

Economical Light Booth to Deploy Across Supply Chains

Integrating a light booth into a color evaluation workflow improves quality control, reduces waste due to rejects and rework, shortens time to market, and improves overall product quality. The durable and compact X-Rite Judge QC light booth offers an economical way to evaluate color quality and identify color errors earlier in the process for a rapid ROI.

Judge QC
5 Light Sources, including optional LED

Visually evaluating color under multiple light sources can help detect color defects and metamerism. The Judge QC light booth offers five light sources including 2 Class B daylight options (D50 or D65), Cool White Fluorescent, Incandescent A, Ultraviolet, one of TL84 or U30, and the option of Cool White Fluorescent or an LED light source (L940 or L950) to evaluate color with confidence.

Judge QC
Economical and Durable

The Judge QC is a compact and easy-to-use controlled lighting solution that removes subjectivity from color assessment. With a Dual Daylight mode, it enables users to easily switch between the D50 light source for print and packaging and D65 for industrial applications. It also comes fully equipped with a UVA lamp for accurate evaluation when samples contain optical brightening agents (OBAs) to achieve a “whiter-than-white” effect on a range of materials, including plastics, paints and coatings and paper.

Standards Compliance

The Judge QC light booth complies with the following industry standards: ISO, ASTM, AATCC, and BSI visual assessment requirements.

maintains performance
Ensures Maximum Up-Time

Designed for convenience and maximum up-time, this light booth includes multiple lamp replacement options and an indicator light when service is needed.

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Compact for Smaller Samples

The Judge QC offers a compact internal viewing area that measures D18.5 x H15 x W25 in. (D47 x H38 x W63.5 cm.)

Judge QC
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