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Helping Automotive Designers Take Design to the Next Level

In this highly competitive environment, automotive designers are being challenged to introduce complex and exciting new materials into their designs. These materials can range from foil and molds to suede-like microfibers, various types of plastics, and special effect coatings. Regardless of material type, the ability to visualize the interior and exterior elements of a vehicle before going to market is fundamental to automotive design success.

What happens if the virtualization attempt is not right? It can lead to wrong decisions, ultimately halting proposal approvals and delaying marketing product launch plans. X-Rite’s revolutionary color and appearance tools reinvent the way materials are measured and utilized in product design and marketing, creating exact measurements. By removing ambiguity, designers can spend less time adjusting color and appearance and focus on material accuracy and consistency.

Customizable tools from X-Rite enable automotive designers to:


For automotive designers to communicate the right color through fidelity, the creative intent needs to be visualized. With the right tools, designers can accurately and consistently express creativity and get to a final approval faster. 

  • TAC7 Scanner:

    Capture the physical appearance properties of material samples in a digital format to eliminate ambiguity with accurate renderings and improve overall product quality.
  • MA-T12:

    Digitize the entire appearance of painted panels to account for effect pigments with color travel and sparkle and streamline measurement capabilities.
  • MetaVue VS3200:

    Introduce the flexibility to create renderings for interior trim fabrics like leathers and textiles and account for appearance attributes.

    Transform the physical material into a digital sample via an Appearance Exchange Format (AxF) file without any cost and distribute around the globe to enable faster approvals from ideation to final design intent.


To ensure the design intent is manufacturable on certain substrates like plastics, metals, textiles, and leathers, it is imperative to test with color measurement instruments like the ones outlined above. X-Rite’s color tools for specification ensure selected colors are achievable and eliminate ambiguity in communicating color.

  • MA-T6:

    Verify the design intent to leverage extreme effect finishes on the car capture both sparkle and coarseness to deliver true characterization of the color.
  • Ci64:

    Identify variances in color on certain material types to collect reliable and precise color data and reduce the need for further approval cycles.
  • Ci7800:

    Communicate, share, and coordinate color critical values and specifications found on semi-translucent materials, like glass, without added rework and waste.
  • SpectraLight QC:

    Evaluate the color of material samples under all relevant lighting conditions to improve overall product design and consistency.

Learn how to capture, store, edit, and communicate complex material characteristics, like automotive paint, throughout the digital design workflow using digital appearance data.

Learn how manufacturers can digitize coatings to visualize photo-realistic color and appearance choices during the design phase for fast and early decision making.

With the PANTORA desktop application and a Ci7000, MetaVue VS3200, or MA-T12 spectrophotometer, you can digitize physical samples for 3D previews and approvals.

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