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Matching Color on Health & Beauty Packaging from Design to Print to Shelf  

Brand and cosmetic color must be consistent on all packaging types to portray product value and instill brand trust. While innovation is introducing unique packaging types to help cosmetic brands differentiate themselves, it is also making it more difficult to maintain color accuracy. To stay competitive, ensure brand integrity, and eliminate expensive waste, packaging printers must be able to achieve accurate color across a variety of cosmetic packaging materials.

A color control program can help establish achievable color print specifications and remove subjectivity in packaging, even across different inks and packaging materials. X-Rite Pantone’s end-to-end color measurement, management, and control solutions remove subjectivity throughout file preparation, proofing, and production for faster time to market and fewer quality control issues.

Customizable tools from X-Rite enable health and beauty package printers to: 

Formulation for Health & Beauty Packaging:

Formulating color can be a lengthy and tedious process, especially if done manually. X-Rite’s color formulation solutions help manage inks, recipes, and assortments, formulate recipes quickly, and work off waste.

  • PantoneLIVE: Specify and communicate color standards and know what is achievable on a given substrate before going to print to ensure accurate and repeatable color.

  • InkFormulation Software: Provide optimum initial color matches and consider substrate color to formulate inks accurately and consistently with less waste.

  • eXact Advanced: Measure the color of ink and paper before, during, and after print production to ensure health and beauty packaging color stays on target.

Quality Control for Health & Beauty Packaging:

A reliable quality program can ensure consistent color throughout the packaging supply chain. X-Rite’s color measurement and quality control solutions ensure the color of each health and beauty package design is accurate and consistent across substrates.

  • ColorCert: Provide quality assurance and direct connectivity with InkFormulation Software to seamlessly communicate results for closed-loop production.
    • ColorCert Scorecard Server: Bring brands and packaging converters together to share and analyze color and print quality consistency. 

  • Ci64: Build a consistent process to accurately measure reflective surfaces like metallic ink and metalized film found in health and beauty packaging.

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